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Top AVEP features in Oct'13 release: 2. Webhooks


Webhooks Number two in our list of top features this new AirVantage Enterprise Platform version is the added support of webhooks.

Webhooks are a very simple (some would say magic!) way of pushing events to an external application.
In an AVEP context, it means that you can notify an external application of an event that occured in AirVantage.

As of today, you can associate a webhook to an Alert Rule. It will be called when the condition specified in the rule is met, allowing you to notify a 3rd party app immediately for e.g. logging the alert, create an entry in a Google Calendar, etc.

Note that this feature is provided in beta, and we are looking forward to hearing from you in order to improve it. Please use the “Feedback” button from the AirVantage UI or ping us on Twitter if you have suggestions.

See you tomorrow to talk about the #1 feature that we are very excited to unveil!

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