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“AirVantage <3 open source” goes live!


At AirVantage, we have a passion for open source!

We co-founded the Eclipse M2M Working Group with the objective of building a community of developers and an ecosystem of open source projects that make it simpler to build M2M solutions.

This website is a way for you to learn more about the features of AirVantage, and tinker with open source projects that we love and that we think you will too!

Well… enough talking, let me give you a tour of what we have in store for you!

A cool developer kit

If you want to evaluate AirVantage and you are not sure yet what kind of physical objects you would like to connect to it –or maybe you simply don’t have these objects at hand just yet– you might want to have a look at our eclo developer kit.
Check the dedicated page to learn more, see a live demo, and order your very own greenhouse kit!

API Examples

AirVantage M2M Cloud provides a rich set of API for managing your devices on the field. We are delivering open source examples helping you to access AirVantage API from your language of choice, including the OAuth authentication process.


Our tutorials give you the opportunity to go in depth on specific topics, with detailed explanations and, again, open source code that you can use to get started even quicker.

Cool projects

When we are not working hard on making AirVantage the coolest M2M platform, we also hack on some cool projects of our own and guess what… they are open source too!
Don’t wait any longer to go check out the great projects we have already.

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